Monday, November 29, 2010

I am an idiot....

"Ok, how was I to know? Why hadn't Mom told me this? Did Mom even know? Why all of them? That's why the little box thing had popped up saying, "Are you sure you want to do this?" These questions of course are leading to a story, so I will tell it...

The thoughts above are a few of the thoughts running through my head. It is 12:30 a.m. I am tired. I have been working on my blog for about an hour - trying to be a good girl, trying to keep up on it. I don't want this to slip away like everything else does. So I post and then the fatal mistake starts to happen. I click on my dashboard. I see all of my rough drafts in a line. So I say to myself, "I don't need these anymore. I have to posts up and can aways hit edit if I need to fix something. And it looks cluttery." So I click DELETE for ALL of these "rough drafts"and then a little box popped up saying "Are you sure you want to do this." So I think, "Duh. Of course I want to do this. I wouldn't have clicked DELETE if I didn't want to do it." So I click yes, and then go back to my dashboard. It looks so nice and free of clutter.... And so I go to look at my blog one more time before I go to bed, proud of myself for keeping up on my blog. And IT IS GONE!!! AUGH!!!!

Anyway, I just told you this story to explain why my blog suddenly disappeared, but I am working on getting it going again.


  1. Great!!! I was tired of seeing a little pop-up ad telling me this website doesn't exist!!!

  2. Glad to see your blog coming back from nowhere land.