Sunday, February 27, 2011

Beautiful Mary Miss

I got the new camera... and invited Mary-Kay over :) I adore this child... she is wonderful, and super cute.

Isn't she so pretty?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My dream....

I dream of vacation
In beautiful Bon Aire
Lying in my hammock
with the wind in my hair

Lying on the beach
Feeling the warm sand
Or sitting in the shade
With a book in my hands

Just being lazy
Or splashing thru the waves
This lovely place
Is where I want to spand my days!

A picture of my beautiful vacation spot! Well actually it's a picture of a picture in my bedroom. But I want to go here. I love the beach and the ocean... well water of any sort actually. Since I have my license the summer, I plan on going to Lake Erie a lot! Equipped with my beautiful new camera, of course.... and anyone who wants me to take pictures!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Benjamin and the Purple Crayon

I make him stand here
I make him sit there
He smiles a toothless grin
He poses
And giggles
I love photgraphing him!

Oh my buddy Ben. He is a cutie... and such a blast to take pics of. He is cute, photogenic, and such a patient little guy. In other words, a photographer's dream child. I invited him over to go sled riding but I wanted to take just a couple pics first. And here they are!

 I love my friend Katie. However, upon looking at this pic, she said "That crayon
is really cool! I want a crayon like that.... but I bet it's hard to draw with." She thought
it was real!

Me and Shrek

So we had an inspection at work... Yes, McDonald's does get those. We have to make sure everything is perfect. This inspection was right after the newest Shrek movie came out. We had EVERYTHING in the store Shrek... Happy meals, arch cards, posters... the whole deal. We would get extra points for the most Shrek things we had. Crystal, Kasey, Lacey, Kristina, and I stayed at the store until 3 a.m. cleaning until about midnightish, and then PAINTING! We painted adorable little Shrek people on the doors and windows. Ok, they weren't little - they were quite large - and the weren't adorable, but they didn't look too bad actually. By the time that we were done, the whole store had so much green that it almost made you sick. Anyway, at 3 we went home and slept for a couple hours, and some of us came back around 6 for our shifts. Talk about tired... Anyway, what I didn't know was that Shrek was coming to our store during inspection! Oh boy!!!! And here is some pictures of me and Shrek, otherwise known as my friend Jake Buell.

Now remember, these aren't good pictures, just fun ones. Hope you enjoy!