Friday, April 29, 2011

Things I love to smell

My little sister tagged me in a post and said that I have to post the things I love to smell. So, because I love my sister, and it sounded like fun, here goes!
 I love the smell of the beach!!! Not the dead fish smell but the smell of water and sand.... ohhh... it's awesome!
 I love the baby smell.... not the dirty diaper smell either! The clean baby smell, especially their hair... it smells so good!
 Birthday cake - need I say more??
 My perfume - I think it is the best - it's Rue 21 and smells awesome!
 Caress bodywash - smells so good you almost want to eat it.
 I hate coffee. Very much. It is bitter and just nasty. It does, however have the most amazing smell..... ummm...
 This is the McSkillet burrito - used to be at McDonald's but is no longer. I didn't like it - very spicy- but when we put the stuff together and cooked it, it smelled superb!! And now I am starting to get hungry!! LOL
And last but not least - rain! I love rain because it brings a fresh scent with it, almost like it washes away every bad smell and gives it a new, fresh smell. I even have Febreeze in my room the smells like rain!

So there you are Amber... everyone else try it - it's fun!

Monday, April 11, 2011

First beautiful day!!!

 Drake Well is a fantastic place for pictures... at least in my opinion.... anyway, I took the Kregiels kids there on the first day that was nice enough to go outside and had a lot of fun.... and very wonderful cooperative children!!! Thanks guys!

Awesome kids!